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Our service plans offer you an easy way to choose what service is right for you. Our skilled vehicle engineers will take great care of you and your vehicle. Our simple and comprehensive service plans cover all the vital checks and maintenance you would expect for a great value price.

Interim (Short) Service

£59.00 + Parts + VAT

The interim service plan is our most popular and affordable servicing option.

This plan covers:

  • Replace engine oil and filter

  • Replace air filter

  • Check tyres

  • Visual front brake check

  • Top up power steering fluid

  • Check drive shaft joints

  • Check shock absorbers

  • Top up coolant levels

  • Check shock absorbers

  • Check front and rear lights

  • Check indicators and hazard light

  • Top up windscreen washer fluid

  • Check handbrake

  • Check clutch

  • Check horn

  • Check bonnet

  • Check exhaust

  • Check seat belts

  • Check windscreen

  • Check wipers

  • Check washers

  • Road test vehicle

Full Service

£99.00 + Parts + VAT

The full service plan is our most comprehensive servicing option.

This plan includes everything we do on an interim service, plus:

  • Replace fuel filter

  • Replace pollen filter

  • Replace spark plugs

  • Check doors and mirrors

  • Front and rear brake inspection

  • Check wheel bearings

  • Check auxiliary belts

  • Check fuel pipes

  • Check radiator

  • Rear drum strip, clean & adjust

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